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Saturday, March 7, 2020


Udhampur Campus, University of Jammu organised sports week from 2nd March, 2020 to 05 March, 2020 under the rectorship of Prof. Hardeep Chahal. During this week various indoor and outdoor games as well as sports were organised such as chess, carom and cricket. Teachers and students from both the Departments of commerce and economics had been participated.
On first day of the sports week, cricket match was played between two teams and the winning team got selected for the final match. On the second and third day two more matches were conducted for cricket to finalise the second cricket team for the final cricket match. On second day, chess and carom were played. In carom, total 14 teams were played out of which 2 top scorers’ teams got selected for the final round. In chess, total 8 students had been participated out of which 2 participants were selected for the final. On the same day one cricket match was also played between two teams and the winning team got selected for the final match.
Semi- final of indoor matches including chess and carom were played on the third day and on the same day cricket match of the women was also conducted. On the final day of the sports week, final round of chess, carom and cricket was conducted. There was tough competition between the semifinal teams of cricket and team under the captainship of Mr. Jagdish Singh got won with good performance as well as spectators also enjoyed as well as boost the confidence of players. In the carom, Mr. Manik and Mr. Yawar performed well as well as won the match and Mr. Mukesh won the chess.
The program was held under the supervision of Mrs. Mamta Sharma and Vinod Kumar Sharma sports incharge with the support and coordination of all the teaching and non-teaching staff including (teaching faculty) of both the departments Dr. Neetu Kumari, Dr. Ritika Sambyal, Dr. Kamani Dutta, Mr. Nikhil Khajuria, Ms. Taruna Dubey, Mr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Shilpa Gupta and Dr. Ajay Salgotra and non teaching staff included Mr. Anil Sharma, Mr. Romesh Chander, Mr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Tejinder Singh, Mr. Surjeet Katoch, Mr. Bansi, Mrs. Rita Devi, Mr. Khem Chand.