Academic Calender

  • Months
  • 19th December, 2020

    Commencement of admission process after the declaration of result of final sem /year of U.G Programmes (Semester- I)

  • 16th March, 2021

    Completion of admission process including transfer cases (Semester- I)

  • 18th February, 2021

    Commencement of Teaching of 1st semester (after completion of 50% admissions)

  • Upto 31st March, 2021 (Online)

    Minor- Test - I (Semester- I)

  • Upto 30th April, 2021 (Mode of exam to be decided)

    Minor Test- II Semester- I)

  • 5th February, 2021

    Commencement of Class-work (Semester - IV)

  • 31st March, 2021

    Minor Test-I (Semester- IV)

  • 30th April, 2021

    Minor Test- II (Semester- IV)

  • 10th June, 2021

    Major Test (Completion of all examinations including Practicals) Semester-IV

  • 26th March, 2021

    Commencement of Open Course

  • 10th June, 2021

    Open Course Major Examination

  • 20th June, 2021

    Communicate the result of open course Major test to the concerned H.O.D

  • 1st July, 2021

    Declaration of 4th semester Result

  • 15th June, 2021

    Commencement of Classes (Semester- II)

  • Upto 15th July, 2021

    Minor- Test - I (Semester- II)

  • Upto 16th August, 2021

    Minor Test- II (Semester- II)

  • Upto 10th October, 2021

    Major Test (Semester- II)

  • 15th October, 2021

    Commencement of Class Work (Semester- III)

  • Upto 15th November. 2021

    Minor Test- I (Semester- III)

  • Upto 15th December, 2021)

    Minor Test- II (Semester- III)

  • Upto 31st January, 2021

    Major Test (Semester- III)