Village Development Committee

To address the development challenges with Community for improving their Livelihoods Ek Bharat and Unnat Bharat is a movement to connect institutes of higher education with local communities. To take this movement forward Udhampur Campus is planning to adopt 5 villages in the nearby area of Udhampur Campus and help them in translating their knowledge for the use of rural poor which can enable them to come at par with other members of the society.
For Carrying out this programme following initiatives have been planned:
1.Anti Drug Awareness Programmes
2.Education and Health Programmes
3.Sanitation Programmes
4.Beautification and Plantation Programmes
5.Personal Hygiene Awareness Programmes
1. To implement the programme, monthly the faculty as well as students will visit the nearby villages to provide awareness related to various issues.
2. Through this programme people will be made digitally literate.
3. The programme also aims at providing education to under privileged and adult people of the village.
4. The programme also includes conducting of free health checkups and dental checkups for the villagers.
5. The villagers will be given knowledge about how to take care of their cattles and will also be given free vetnary checkups for their cattles.
6. Free medical and dental kits will be distributed among the villagers during programmes.

Members of Village Development Committee are:

S.NO. Committees Teachers   In charge
1.  Personal Hygiene Awareness Committee Ms. Taruna dubey
2. Education and Health Committee Ms.Taruna Dubey and Mr. Nikhil Khajuria
3. Sanitation Committee Dr. Kamani Dutta and Dr. Ritika Sambyal
4. Landscaping/Beautification /Plantation Signage Committee Ms. Mamta Sharma 
5. Anti Drug Awareness Committee Dr. Shilpa Gupta