M.A Economics

Today all over the world people have become highly economic minded. They have realized that the study of economics can provide them a solution to their economic and social problems. Nowadays, economics has become very useful because it makes human welfare its direct and primary concern. Economics governs the life of the individual, society and the modern States and also plays a significant role in the international affairs. The knowledge of economics helps in solving many problems and the study has practical advantages. The study of economics can also provide valuable knowledge for making decisions in everyday life. Masters degree in economics prepares students for careers in banking, insurance, service and manufacturing firms, real estate, consulting, government agencies, and various non-profit organizations. Therefore, to cater these needs, Udhampur Campus along with the department of Economics, University of Jammu has become the only institution that has been a leading centre for training in Economics in the Jammu province.

The department of Economics, Udhampur Campus offers Masters Degree Programme of two years duration (semester system) with an intake of 30 students per semester.