Cultural Committee

Extracurricular activities plays vital role in the overall development of the student. Cultural activities leads to the development of many important soft skills such as resource management, public speaking, morals, ethics and many more. In various events, the students of Udhampur Campus, University of Jammu tried their best to prove that they are well aware of their social & moral responsibilities. The issues like Exploitation in Education, Importance of Morals & Ethics, Patriotism, Communal Riots, Need for Global Citizenship, Environmental Issues etc. were smartly covered in different dramatic events. The dancing events were also based on various themes and were presented in a touchy way. The institute also encourage participation of the students in various state and national level cultural activities organized at different institutions and universities.

Cultural Committee Members:
1.. Dr. Kamani Dutta, Department of Commerce

2. Dr. Sunita Sumbria, Department of Economics