University of Jammu

The University of Jammu is one of the premier institutions of higher learning in the country with 'A+' Grade accredited by National Accreditation & Assessment Council of India. Founded in 1969, with 11 teaching departments today the University has 35 departments, imparting education and many of these departments such as The Business School, The School of Biotechnology and the Law School are rated among the top ten in the country. The University of Jammu came into existence in 1969 vide Kashmir and Jammu Universities Act 1969 following bifurcation of the erstwhile University of Jammu and Kashmir.

University of Jammu holds examinations, grants degrees, generates knowledge and confers diverse academic distinctions on persons who pursue approved courses of study in the University or in constituent colleges/institutions approved for the purpose also for those who appear as external/private candidates. It also confers honorary degrees or other distinctions on the persons of exceptional caliber. The University also admits, maintains, recognizes, affiliates colleges and other institutions. It is primarily a research, teaching, affiliating and examining body involved in promotion of arts, science and other branches of learning. The University is open to all classes and creeds with the sole objective to carry people from darkness to light.