Over the last few years, Commerce has become a stream which is being quite popular and gaining importance among the youth because of its innumerable career building opportunities. Commerce is the most operative, functional and systematic part of business which enables the students to put their steps forward in business and other related fields. A postgraduate programme in Commerce is designed to improve the qualifications toward higher level specialist positions in consulting, finance, accounting, information systems, marketing, human resource management, international business and more. Therefore, the Department of Commerce in Udhampur Campus from the day of its inception is striving hard to enable the students to achieve such career opportunities.

The department offers a Masters Degree Programme in Commerce of two years duration (semester system) with an intake of 30 students per semester. It also includes a viva-voice and seminars wherein the students will prove their understanding of key academic concepts and practical skills. The students get an opportunity to expand their expertise in one of the three specializations i.e. marketing, human resource and finance.